Snapchat Ad Specs.

Snapchat Ads

Full Screen Canvas

  • 1080 × 1920
  • 9:16 aspect ration
  • Scaled proportionally to original asset
  • Video 3 – 10 seconds


  • Video – .mp4 or .mov, H.264 encoded (32MB or less)
  • Image – jpg or png, ads manager only ( 5MB or less)
  • Storage Aspect Ratio 9:16
  • Display Aspect Ratio 9:16
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio 1:1

Further Requirements

  • Brand Name and Headline must be added.
  • Brand Name must match the paying advertiser whose products or services are being advertised.
  • Full screen and vertically formatted.
  • Approved for viewing by a 13+ audience.

Story Ad


  • 993 px wide x 284 high provided as a .png on transparent background (Note: asset should be formatted to ft the full height of the canvas OR ft the full width of the canvas and 50% or more of the height.


  •  One (1) high-quality image that is 360 px x 600 px, provided as an up to 2 MB .png file.
  • Please account for a 175 px ‘buffer zone’ at the top of the image (Please Note: This is to ensure your logo does not conflict with any important image elements on the vertical Tile).
  • Up to 55 characters with spaces (provided as text).
  • Please ensure your tile image has an 8-bit or lower bit depth.