Using real-time data powered by social media, BIGSOUND Buzz took into account volume, engagement and influence to determine who was nominally dominating the digital discourse at BIGSOUND 2016.

The site’s algorithm scanned for mentions on Facebook and Twitter for the 160 showcase artists performing at BIGSOUND 2016.

The top 100 were ranked and the results broken down into the past 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours or seven days.

It scanned Facebook and Twitter in their entirety, refreshing every 10 minutes; pulling in new posts and updating the scores on all prior posts.

The site garnered the attention of the digital world, achieving site of the day on Typewolf and CSS Winner, an honourable mention on AWWWARDS and a special kudos from CSS Design Awards among many other prominent impressions.

Other mentions include: Hover States, Site Inspire, siteup, Web Design File, Design Feeds, Tech Stories, Magazine du Webdesign, HTTPSTER, WOW-WEB, Inspire My Web, The Design Vault, The Bergerie, Tone Deaf, Designer News, QMusic, One Love Page, Purple Sneakers, The Music and of course, we got a few nods on Twitter.

Analysis coming – stand by.

BLSTR Group.