As a whitelisted agency, Bolster Digital has been given early access to ‘Post Engagement’ audiences – a new type of Facebook audience that can be used for targeting ads.

What Is It?

The Post Engagement audience means it’s now possible to target users based on engagement on organic posts.

Recently the capability for certain users and agencies to target paid viewers of a video (via an ad or a post boost) has been rolled out, creating two audiences from each video: Completed and Viewed. This has been an extremely useful feature to help track users with intent, however, it requires advertising spend and did not include organic engagement. That’s why the new post engagement feature is so important!

What Can We Do With It?

The post engagement feature allows advertisers to target users who have engaged with content (both organic or paid) posted on a page from any point in the past. For the moment, it’s only for video content but it seems logical for Facebook to take advantage of the ‘people’ data they harness and open this feature up to post of other types at some point in the future.

Firstly, advertisers can select from people who viewed:

  • At least 3 seconds of the video
  • At least 10 seconds of the video
  • 25% of the video
  • 50% of the video
  • 75% of the video
  • 95% of the video


Advertisers can then select videos from as far back as when the page was created, but can only include users that performed the above actions in the past 180 days.


What Does This Mean For Our Clients?

Bolster has already rolled out this targeting method into current campaigns, and the results are hugely encouraging.

For labels, we can seed content about the artist and/or release in the weeks prior to the campaign starting, which gives us a base audiences of engaged users ready for a campaign to begin, without having to spend any money. For festivals we can target announce videos, post event videos from previous years as well as content from each of the artists on the festival’s lineup. Similar strategies are showing great results for tours as well as events in comedy, film, sport and food.

We can combine all of these audiences and then build lookalike audiences to widen our reach as well, capturing new prospecting audiences that are also likely to engage and purchase.

The ability to target users in hindsight with intent, from prior to when the campaign started is hugely beneficial!

What Now?

Get in touch with us to learn more about this new Facebook feature, and how you can use it to help your campaign.

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