Conveying every detail of your event is integral to moving tickets. Ensuring your digital agency has access to key creative for ads can make all the difference in letting people know exactly what they might be missing if they fail to empty their pockets and let their hair down.

We’ve put together a list of key creative. Send it to your boss, send it to your photographer, hell, send it to your mum.

These shots are important and play a key part in what we do every day. Ideally, we’d recommend getting as many different versions of these shots as possible, the more we have to work with, the more we can get people familiar with the atmosphere, personality and direction of your brand.

1. The Epic Venue Shot

An interesting subject (people, the artist) with the venue and crowd in full motion in the background.

Beyond the Valley showcasing their epic main stage

2. The Candid Group Shot

Roughly 1-5 people enjoying themselves – not posed. Make sure that the background isn’t empty.

Enjoying some good ‘n’ honest fun at Beyond the Valley

3.   The Candid Experience Shot

People enjoying the different aspects of the festival – not posed. Whether that be eating (appealing looking) food, knocking back a drink, enjoying art installations or otherwise.

ArtOf2 Photography -
Belly laughs at Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinema

4. The Lively Crowd Shot

You know the one we’re talking about. The real money shot of your event, your fans having the time of their lives. Try and integrate something interesting, whether that be someone up on shoulders, crowd surfing or otherwise. Be sure to get photos where your audience isn’t posing (we like the au natural look).

Beyond the Valley stirring up some FOMO

5. The Action Shot

We want action. Shots of the artists jumping, singing, yelling, moshing, you name it, we want it. These ones shouldn’t be posed and they shouldn’t include the crowd.

Ivan Ooze going for a ride at the Enmore Theatre in support of Peking Duk

6. The Other Aspects Shot

We know every event has so much going on. While you might put your best foot forward with one aspect, we want to champion everything that your event is about. If your focus is music, show us some shots of food, vendors, rides, luxury camping and so on.

More than just the main stage at Beyond the Valley
More than just the main stage at Beyond the Valley

7. The Demographic Shot

Be sure to take lots of photos of your target demographic, after all, they are the people you are trying to sell tickets to! If your demographic has an interest in fashion, snap those style icons, if they’re middle-aged, wine-loving jazz fiends, track down those sophisticated, toe tapping ladies and gents… you get the picture (pun intended).

8. The Family Friendly Shot

If your event is family friendly, make sure you’ve got photos that showcase that. It makes it a lot easier to target families if we can show them what their time at your event will look like.

Extra points to Openair Cinema for the portrait shot…

9. The Sponsor Shot

If you’ve got a long term sponsor, get some great shots of their involvement with your event. When it comes to future years, you’ll have content to champion their partnership. Give a little, get a little.

Image may contain: screen and outdoor
South Yarra BMW stealing the show at Gourmet Cinema

10. The Character Shot

There’s one in every crowd. That certain character that captures the attention of everyone, and for that reason, should be captured! Sometimes it’s a lone stranger and other times it’s a whole group. Line them up in the centre, and get that perfect shot.

When Harry Potter swooped into Beyond the Valley
When Harry Potter swooped into Beyond the Valley

11. The Point Of Difference Shot

There’s one special thing that sets every event apart, make sure you capture yours. Whatever it is that makes you unique, is worth pushing out to your people.

Melbourne Hero
Openair Cinema’s location right on the beach sets it apart from other outdoor cinemas

12. The Vague Performer Shot

Make sure you get some photos with performers on stage doing their thing. Now here’s the tricky part, we don’t want them to be discernible. We don’t want to see that it’s King Gizz, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Adele or otherwise. The more ambiguous, the better.

2H0A0646 (1)
The Grass is certainly greener at this incredible Queensland festival

13. The All Angles Shot

You might think it’s overkill, but covering all of your angles gives us way more to work with when it comes to advertising creative. If it’s a stage you’re shooting, include shots with the band on stage with no crowd featured, capture the moment from the side of the stage with both the band and crowd present and some from behind the band looking out at their adoring fans. Know what we’re saying?

Image may contain: 3 people, people on stage, crowd and outdoor
Gang of Youths captivating the Spilt Milk crowd in Canberra Photo: Australian Music Scene

14. The Charming Quirks Shot

We get it, the details of your event are known to you like the back of your hand. Keep in mind, that not everyone is familiar as you are. Show your audience these details. We want to see the charming finishing touches, the pieces of personality scattered throughout your event, even the people that help make it possible. Capture it all, so that we can share it.

Image may contain: 2 people
All that glitters at Spilt Milk 2016 Photo: yeahsure

15. The Portrait Shot

It’s not traditionally the go to move when shooting events, but we’re telling you, having a selection of both portrait and landscape photo’s will place you in a very promising position when it comes to you social platforms. With more and more people using their phones as their primary viewing platform, it makes sense to tailor the experience toward them. So send the orders out, we want to see as much portrait as we do landscape.

Storiesget ready
Shoulder rides at Spilt Milk Photo: yeahsure


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